Carman Cougars Team History


The official launch of the Cougar Program was in 1968. Marsh Kennedy and some others in Carman Minor hockey were fed up with a great many things that were happening such as profanity,writing on dressing walls,etc. There did not seem to be any pride developed in the minor programs,especially at the midget and juvenile levels. They wanted some way to tie discipline in to the program--in other words, develop a team who would be bound by the school's rules. As Principal, that is where I came in and agreed.We then proceeded to adopt the school rules to the Cougar hockey program. I believe that it was a year or two later that I decreed that any student caught smoking at a Cougar Hockey game would be suspended. That was a little more difficult to implement---There was quite an uprising for a while---mostly from parents because it was not school property. I stuck to my guns even though the language was sometimes difficult to take. When I asked you about this last week, I can tell you that I was proud that it was still in effect.

Submitted by Frank McKinnon

Season By Season Synopsis

2019/20--Darrell Ens, Jack Phillips, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Hunter Gitzel (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--24GP-9W-12L-2OTL-1SOL--21 Points--7th Place. Overall Record 35GP-13W-18L-3OTL-1SOL. Lost 1st Round to Mustangs 2-0 (7-1 and 5-4 (regulation)). 51st Annual Cougar Tournament Finalists.

2018/19--Darrell Ens, Jack Phillips, Rex Klassen, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Luke Phillips (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--24GP-2W-19L-1OTL-2SOL--7 Points--9th Place. Overall Record 34GP-3W-26L-1OTL-4SOL. Won 8/9 Survivor Game vs. Thunder 7-1 Lost 1st Round to Mavericks 2-0 (8-0 and 4-1).

2017/18--Darrell Ens, Carter Janzen, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Tim Johnston (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record--24GP - 9W - 15L -0OTL - 0SOL -- 18 points --6th Place. Overall Record 35GP-10W-21L-4OTL. Lost to Mavericks 2 games to 0 in first round of playoffs (5-0 L, 3-2 L (OT)). 49th Annual Cougar Tournament Finalists.

2016/17--Marlin Metcalf, Darrell Ens, Ken Froese, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Bryce Neff (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--AA Provincial Champions--League Record--24GP - 21W - 3L -0OTL - 0SOL -- 42 points --2nd Place. Overall Record 48GP-41W-7L-1OTL. Playoffs: 1st Round beat Trojans 2-0 (3-2 and 3-1). 2nd Round beat Aces 2-0 (5-4 and 4-3 OT). Finals lost to Thunder 2-0 (5-2 and 6-2). 48th Annual Cougar Tournament Champions,beat Prairie Mountain Mustangs in Gold Medal Game 5-2.

2015/16--Marlin Metcalf, Darrell Ens, Ken Froese, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Bryce Neff (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record--24GP - 9W - 15L -0OTL - 0SOL -- 18 points --6th Place. Overall Record 38GP-13W-24L-1OTL. Lost to Trojans 2 games to 0 in first round of playoffs (5-2 L, 3-2 L (double OT)). 47th Annual Cougar Tournament Finalists, lost to Killarney/Wawanesa in Gold Medal Game 8-5.

2014/15--Mike Murray, Blake Angers, Gavin Callum, Marlin Metcalf, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Brett Wiebe (Trainer), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record--24GP - 10W - 11L -1OTL - 0SOL -- 23 points --7th Place. Lost to W.C. Miller Aces 2 games to 1 in first round of playoffs (3-2 L, 3-2 W, 7-0 L). Beat Mustangs in the Gold Medal Game of the 46th Annual Cougar Tourney.

2013/14--Mike Murray, Blake Angers, Gavin Callum, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record 21GP - 7W - 13L -1OTL - 1SOL--8th Place. Overall Record 51GP - 13W - 25L -2OTL-1SOL. Lost to Morden 2 games straight in first round of playoffs (3-0 and 6-3).

2012/2013--Jeff Jeanson, Marlin Metcalf, Tim Morison, Jacquie Metcalf (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--Record 21GP - 11W - 7L -2OTL - 1SOL--4th Place. Overall Record 51GP - 27W - 19L -3OTL-2SOL. Beat Pembina 2 games straight in first round of playoffs. Lost 2 straight to Morden in second round of playoffs. Hosted AA Provncials, finished first in the Miami pool in round robin, beating Major Pratt and losing to Deloraine/Hartney. Beat Mountain in the semi-finals and lost to Neepawa in the Gold Medal game 4-1.

2011/2012--Jeff Jeanson, Kevin Jeanson, Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--Record 21GP - 7W - 14L -0T - 0OTL--6th Place. Overall Record 46GP - 21W - 24L -1T. Lost 2 straight to Morris Mavericks in first round of the playoffs.

2010/2011--Keith Graham, Nick Letkeman, Ryan McIntosh, Steve Clarke (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record 24GP - 11W - 11L -1T - 1OTL--2nd Place West Division, Lost in first round of playoffs to Trojans 2 straight.

2009/2010--Ryan Steppler, Keith Graham, Geoff Sutton, Joanne Atkins (Manager), Dave Spitznagel (Manager), Kyla Orchard (Financial)--League Record 24GP - 8W - 12L - 2T - 2OTL--6th Place, Faced Aces in first round won series 2-1 after losing first game. Lost to Mavericks in second round in the 3rd game in double OT, 6-5. Went to AA Provincials in Killarney. Went 0W-2L-1T. Tied Neepawa, and lost to Killarney/Wawanesa and Souris.

2008/2009-Garth Shindle, Doug Fotheringham--League Record 24GP - 15W - 6L - 3T - 0OTL--3rd Place, Won quarter final series vs. Miller 2 games to 1, lost semifinal series 2 games to 1 to GVC, Lost one game Wildcard playoff game to Mountain in Morris.

2007/2008--Garth Shindle, Doug Fotheringham--League Record 24GP - 3W - 21L - 0T - 0OTL--9th Place, Lost in one game "Survivor Series" to Morris.

2006/2007--Nic Morisset, Jack Phillips, Dave Spitznagel, Joanne Atkins (Manager)--League Record 24GP - 9W - 13L - 2T - 0OTL--5th Place, Lost 2 games to 1 to Altona in quarter-final series, Lost one game Wildcard series to Elton/Rivers in Boissevain.

2005/2006--Al Pritchard, Brett Holmes--League Record 20GP - 0W - 18L - 0T - 2OTL--6th Place. Lost in first round of playoffs 2 games to none to Mountain.

2004/2005--Al Pritchard, Brett Holmes--League Record 21GP - 12W - 8L - 0T - 1OTL--4th Place.Beat Pembina 2-0 in quarter-final series (10-0 and 6-1). Lost to Mountain 2-0 in semi-final series (6-0 and 3-2 in OT).

2003/2004-Gerry Falk, Darrell Ens, Al Pritchard--League Record 18GP - 16W - 1L - 2T - 1OTL--1st Place. Overall Record 43-10-2-2. Winners of Zone 4 Regular Season, Zone 4 Champions, WHSHL Tournament of Champions, Altona Tournament, Brandon Tournament A-Side Consolation, and Morden Tournament Finalists.

2002/2003- Gerry Falk, Darrell Ens, Garth Shindle--League Record 21GP - 7W - 11L - 2T--6th Place, Beat Morden 2 games to 1 in quarter-final series, lost 2 games to none in semi-finals to Mountain.

2001/2002--Gerry Falk, Steve Sisson--League Record 22GP - 18W - 4L - 0T - 0OTL--2nd Place.

2000/2001--Jack Sayer, Shawn Major--AAAA Provincial Consolation Winners. League Record 20GP - 14W - 5L - 0T - 1OTL--3rd Place. Overall Record 53 GP - 35 W - 17 L - 0T - 1 0TL

1999/2000--Justin Reid, Neil Strachan, Ross Swanton, Jeremy Winslow--League Record 24GP - 10W - 11L - 3T - 0OTL. Lost to A.M.H.S in first round of playoffs 2 games to 0. Game 2 was an OT loss, 6-5.

1998/1999--Neil Strachan, Ken Karlander, Justin Reid

1997/1998--Ken Karlander, Neil Strachan--22GP - 16W - 3L - 3T, First Place North Division. Zone Champions. Beat Pine Creek 2 games to 0 in semis, beat Prairie Lightning 2 games to 0 in North Division final, and beat GVC 2 games to 0 in league finals.

1996/1997-Brian Coates, Rex Klassen, Neil Strachan--League Record 14-4-2--Beat Mountain 2 games to 0 in quarters, and lost to Morden 2 games to none in semi final series.

1995/1996-Gerry Falk, Bob Fitchner, Craig Johnston, Dave Spitznagel--League Record 18-1-1, Overall Record 36-11-2, League Finalists. Beat Mountain 2 games to 1 in quarters, beat Morden 2 games to 1 in semis, and lost to GVC 2 games to none in final series.

1994/1995-Bob Fitchner, Wayne Sager, Mel Montgomery (Manager), Bob Turner (Manager)--League Record 20 GP - 19W - 1L - 0T 1st Place. Overall Record 48 GP - 35W - 9L - 4T. Zone Champions, beat Winkler in league finals 2-0. Game 2 was 7-6 in single OT. At Provincials lost to SJR 3-2, beat Hapnot Kopper Kings (Flin Flon) 6-1, and lost to GVC 5-2.

1993/1994-Bob Fitchner, Bob Leslie, Frank Toews, Bob Turner. League Record--21 GP - 18W - 2L - 1T--37 Points. First Place in North Division and First Place Overall. Zone Champions

1992/1993-Bob Fitchner, Bob Leslie, Bob Turner (Manager), Dave Spitznagel. League Record--20 GP - 17W - 3L - 0T--First Place in North Division and First Place Overall. Zone Champions

1991/1992--Bob Leslie, Ernie Sutherland--League Record--League Finalists--Lost to GVC 2 games to one in finals.

1990/1991--Marshall Kennedy, Ernie Sutherland--League Record--17GP - 14W - 2L - 1T--1st Place, Lost to P.C.I. Trojans in quarter-final series 2 games to 1.

1989/90--Marshall Kennedy, Ernie Sutherland--League Record--15GP - 7W - 8L - 0T

1988/89-Bob Fitchner, Marshall Kennedy, Charlie Maykut (Manager)

1987/88-Bob Fitchner, Marshall Kennedy, Charlie Maykut (Manager)--Zone and Provincial Champions

1986/87-Gerry Falk (Coach), Charlie Maykut (Manager)

1985/86-Gerry Falk (Coach), Wayne Johnston (Manager)

An e-mail from Kevin Toope talking about the Carman/Booth Memorial exchange trip to Newfoundland.

"I was a teacher at Booth Memorial High School in St. John's, NL and coach of the Booth Memorial Braves hockey team in the 1980s.  In 1985-86 we took part in an Open House Canada with your Carman Cougars.  The Cougars and coach Gerry Falk and manager Wayne Johnston, along with referee Lloyd Orchard, traveled to St, John's for a week and we traveled to Carman for a week.  Whenever I see these former Booth players today they always say it was the highlight of their high school experience."

1984/85-Bob Leslie (Coach), Wayne Johnston (Manager)

1983/84-Bob Leslie (Coach), Wayne Johnston (Manager)--Zone Finalists--Lost to Miller Aces 3 games to 0 in the best of five final series, outscored by Aces 26-10.

1982/83-Ernie Sutherland--League Record--18 GP--15 W--3 L--30 Points--First Place--Zone Champions--Defeated GVC 3 games to 0 in best of 5 final series. Scores were 6-2, 7-5, and 7-6 (regulation).

1981/82-Frank McKinnon--Zone Finalists--Lost to GVC in Zone Final.

1980/81-Don Revel, Ernie Sutherland

1979/80-Don Revel, Neil Strachan, Ernie Sutherland

1978/79-Neil Strachan--Zone Champions

1977-78-Neil Strachan, Don Revel

1976/77-Bob Leslie, Don Revel

1975/76-Marshall Kennedy, Bob Leslie

1974/75-Marshall Kennedy

1973/74-Marshall Kennedy--Zone Champions

1972/73-Marshall Kennedy

1971/72-Marshall Kennedy--Zone Finalists, lost to MCI in the semi-finals.

1970/71-Marshall Kennedy--Zone Champions

1969/70-Marshall Kennedy--Zone Champions, MHSAA Champions

1968/69-Marshall Kennedy--Zone Champions, MHSAA Champions


1974-75 Glen McIntosh
1975-76 Glen McIntosh
1976-77 Randy Neufeld / Wayne Giesbrecht
1977-78 Pat Owen
1978-79 Stan Bergen
1979-80 Craig Last
1980-81 Ian Takvam
1981-82 Buddy Voth
1982-83 Buddy Voth / Gary Unrau
1983-84 Paul Stow
1984-85 Randy Goertzen / Rob Dunbar
1985-86 Scott Kitching
1986-87 Kevin McKinnon
1987-88 Larry Maykut / Darrell Ens
1988-89 Brian Thevenot
1989-90 Jason Hamilton
1990-91 Tobias Dewey
1991-92 Shaun Veldman
1992-93 Kris Friesen
1993-94 Jason Rose / Nate Leslie / Mike McAulay
1994-95 Jason Rose
1995-96 Chad Falk / Jamie Montgomery
1996-97 Derek Coates
1997-98 Jesse Vanderveen
1998-99 Ryan Major
1999-00 Drew Peters
2000-01 Jared Revel
2001-02 Jared Revel
2002-03 Duane Gitzel
2003-04 Aaron Lewadniuk / Gavin Callum
2004-05 Jayms Lyon / Jonathan Dueck
2006-07 Nick Letkeman
2007-08 Nick Letkeman
2008-09 Brock Vanderveen
2009-10 Paul Fouasse
2010-11 Josh Pfrimmer / Nate Yeo
2011-12 Shane Walker
2012-13 Mason Metcalf
2013-14 Mason Metcalf
2014-15 Mason Metcalf
2015-16 Quade Froese

1974-75 Randy Neufeld / John Neufeld
1975-76 Randy Neufeld / John Neufeld
1976-77 Glen Garnett
1977-78 Wayne Giesbrecht
1978-79 Doug Allison
1979-80 Neil Murdoch
1980-81 Buddy Voth
1981-82 Cam Phillips
1982-83 Paul Stow
1983-84 Rob Dunbar
1984-85 Rob Dunbar
1985-86 Michael Pritchard
1986-87 Larry Maykut
1987-88 Chris Martin
1988-89 Donald Oldcorn
1989-90 Rob Park
1990-91 Brian Frederickson
1991-92 Boe Leslie
1992-93 Bryan Shearer
1993-94 Pontus Gronberg
1994-95 Kendall Ferris
1995-96 Shaun Green
1996-97 Shaun Green / Morgan Strachan
1997-98 Ian Bergsma
1998-99 Mark Coates
1999-2000 Jared Revel
2000-01 Garrett Veldman
2001-02 Doug Falk
2002-03 Jesse Penner / Darryl Janzen
2003-04 Jesse Penner / Jonathan Dueck
2004-05 Lisa Kissick
2008-09 Max Peckover
2009-10 Shane Walker
2010-11 Chad Hennan
2011-12 Chad Hennan
2012-13 Jack Lotscher
2013-14 Jack Lotscher
2014-15 Jordan Riddell
2015-16 Carter Janzen

1974-75 Steve Porter
1975-76 Glen McIntosh
1976-77 Glen Garnett
1977-78 Stan Bergen
1978-79 Craig Last / Duane Frazer
1979-80 Jeff Laing / Duane Frazer
1980-81 David Lush
1981-82 Ed Belfour
1982-83 David Lush
1983-84 Brad Driedger
1984-85 David Bruce
1985-86 Kevin McKinnon
1986-87 Kevin McKinnon
1987-88 Darrell Ens
1988-89 Rob Bell
1989-90 Jeff Park
1990-91 Rob Park
1991-92 Gordie Montgomery
1992-93 Grant Kennedy / Jason Rose
1993-94 Nate Leslie
1994-95 Jason Park
1995-96 Jamie Montgomery
1996-97 Richard Gaultier
1997-98 Steve Sisson
1998-99 Steve Sisson
2003-04 Marcel Delaquis
2000-01 Ryan Sayer
2001-02 Derek McIntosh
2002-03 Chad Taylor
2003-04 Chad Taylor
2004-05 Jack Hodgson / Sean Woods
2008-09 Brett Bennie
2009-10 Brett Bennie
2010-11 Tanner Gitzel, Shane Walker
2011-12 Jordan Cameron
2012-13 Rod Owen
2013-14 Rocky Van De Velde
2014-15 Dane Halstead
2015-16 Alex Clemis

1974-75 Glen McIntosh
1975-76 John Neufeld
1976-77 Pat Owen
1977-78 Pat Owen
1978-79 Mike Allen
1979-80 Scott McEachern / Duane Frazer
1980-81 Kevin Murdoch
1981-82 Kevin Murdoch
1982-83 Buddy Voth
1983-84 Dana Murdoch
1984-85 Brad Chase
1985-86 Ian Hand
1986-87 Chris Martin
1987-88 Larry Maykut
1988-89 Vince Sotheran
1989-90 Jo Voth
1990-91 Jo Voth
1991-92 Boe Leslie
1992-93 Warren Picton / Ryan Sotheran
1993-94 Mike McAulay
1994-95 Jason Rose
1995-96 Chad Falk
1996-97 Derek Coates
1997-98 Jesse Vanderveen
1998-99 Mark Coates
1999-00 Blaine Robinson
2000-01 Jared Revel
2001-02 Jared Revel
2002-03 Brett Kroeker / Doug Falk
2003-04 Aaron Lewadniuk
2004-05 Jonathan Dueck
2005-06 Darryl Thiessen
2006-07 Mark Owen
2007-08 Nick Letkeman
2008-09 Brock Vanderveen
2009-10 Paul Fouasse
2010-11 Josh Pfrimmer
2011-12 Colby Hennan
2012-13 Mason Metcalf
2013-14 Mason Metcalf
2014-15 Mason Metcalf
2015-16 Quade Froese

1974-75 Ron Bartley
1975-76 Pat Owen
1976-77 Gerald Irwin
1977-78 Arden McEachern
1978-79 Scott McEachern
1979-80 Mike Thevenot
1980-81 Garry Dickinson
1981-82 Jeff McKinnon
1982-83 Darcy Bolton
1983-84 Jason Reid
1984-85 Craig Johnston
1985-86 Darrell Ens
1986-87 Bill North
1987-88 Derek MacLean
1988-89 Murray Froebe
1989-90 Dean North
1990-91 Mike Bunka
1991-92 Jeff McAulay
1992-93 Ross Swanton
1993-94 Myron Krahn
1994-95 Shaun Green
1995-96 Shawn Allison / Morgan Strachan
1996-97 Adam Saunders
1997-98 Craig DenHeyer
1998-99 Ryan Sayer
1999-00 Blaine Robinson / Doug Whitehead
2000-01 Darren Skelton
2001-02 Evan Saunders
2002-03 Jack Hodgson
2003-04 Scott Vanderveen / Jayms Lyon
2004-05 Kevin Thielmann
2006-07 Sean McIntosh
2008-09 Mikey Lyon
2009-10 Taylor Dyck / Garth Irwin
2010-11 Mikey Lyon
2011-12 Bill Heard / Colby Hennan
2012-13 Jack Lotscher
2013-14 Jordan Riddell
2014-15 Carter Janzen / Tyler Livingston
2015-16 Brett Richardson


1997-98 Warren McCutcheon / Jeff Johnston
1998-99 David Phillips / Bradley Dyck
1999-00 Stewart Thiessen / Jared Revel
2000-01 Andrew Bartley
2001-02 Tyson Lewadniuk
2002-03 Jonathan Dueck
2003-04 Daniel Lepp / Scott Sisson
2004-05 Sean McIntosh
2006-07 Conner Sisson
2008-09 Jon Rempel
2009-10 Jordan Hintz
2010-11 Colby Hennan
2011-12 Paul Tjaden-McClement
2012-13 Mason Metcalf
2013-14 Dane Halstead
2014-15 Rylan Metcalf
2015-16 Noah Goertzen

1998-99 Tyler Russell
1999-00 Tyler Russell / Cory Lessard
2000-01 Steve Hill
2001-02 Justin Dueck
2002-03 Ryan McIntosh
2003-04 Sean Woods
2004-05 Troy O'Brien
2005-06 Mitchell O'Brien
2006-07 Troy O'Brien / Nick Letkeman
2007-08 Nick Letkeman
2008-09 Paul Fouasse
2009-10 Jordan Hintz
2010-11 Nolan Alexander
2011-12 Matt Bell
2012-13 Mark Klassen
2013-14 Chad Orchard
2014-15 Quade Froese
2015-16 Noah Goertzen

2004-05 Jonathan Dueck
2008-09 Mikey Lyon
2009-10 Chad Hennan
2010-11 Chad Hennan
2011-12 Devin Gitzel
2012-13 Rocky Van De Velde
2013-14 Rocky Van De Velde
2014-15 Rocky Van De Velde
2015-16 Alex Clemis

2008-09 Brock Vanderveen / Pierre Gaultier
2009-10 Josh Pfrimmer
2010-11 No Award Given
2011-12 No Award Given
2012-13 Jordan Cameron, Rod Owen
2013-14 No Award Given
2014-15 No Award Given
2015-16 No Award Given

Tournament/Exhibition Stats



Cougar Tournament

5th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 1974

6th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 1975

35th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2004

36th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2005

37th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2006

38th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2007

39th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2008

40th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2009

41st Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2010

42nd Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2011

43nd Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2012

44th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2013

45th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2014

46th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2015

47th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2016

48th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2017

49th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2018

50th Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2019

51st Annual Cougar Tournamnent Draw 2020

Workout Program

Simone Turner-Cummer--Carman Collegiate Grad 2013--Game On Article