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Zone IV Major Award Nominees 2019/20

2018/19 Playoff Bracket

2018/19 Playoff Stats

2018/2019 Schedule/Scores

2018/2019 Standings

Congratulations to 2018/19 Zone IV Champions & MHSAA AA Hockey Provincial Champions--Morris Mavericks

Congratulations to 2017/18 MHSAA A/AA Provincial Champions--Prairie Mountain Mustangs


Congratulations to 2017/18 Zone IV Champions--W.C. Miller Aces

17/18 Aces

2017/18 Playoff Stats

Zone IV Major Award Winners 2017/18

Zone IV Major Award Nominees 2017/18

2017/18 Playoff Bracket

2017/2018 Schedule/Scores

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GVC Zodiacs

New!!!! Career Scoring Records Ranked!

New!!!! Single Season Scoring Records Ranked!

Career Stats of all Zone IV Players I have records on--Updated to include 16/17 season!

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Zone 4 Players of the Week

Evan Wuerch--Thunder
Week 1 Skater
Oct. 16 - Oct. 22
2GP--2G--5A--0 PIM
No Award
Week 1 Goalie
Oct. 16 - Oct. 22
No Award
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 2 Skater
Oct. 23 - Oct. 29
2GP--8G--2A--0 PIM--1 GWG
Owen Domitruk--Thunder
Week 2 Goalie
Oct. 23 - Oct. 29
1GP--1W--2GA--0.926 SV %
Eric Klassen--Cougars
Week 3 Skater
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5
2GP--2G--4A--0 PIM
Alex Clemis--Cougars
Week 3 Goalie
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5
2GP--2W--4GA--1 SO--0.947 SV %
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 4 Skater
Nov. 6 - Nov. 12
2GP--5G--3A--0 PIM--1 GWG
Nathaniel DeGraeve--Tigers
Week 4 Goalie
Nov. 6 - Nov. 12
2GP--2W--5GA--0.919 SV %
Kyle Devos--Mustangs
Week 5 Skater
Nov. 13 - Nov. 19
1GP--4G--1A--0 PIM--1 GWG
Declan Enns--Aces
Week 5 Goalie
Nov. 13 - Nov. 19
2GP--2W--3GA--0.919 SV %
No Award
Week 6 Skater
Nov. 20 - Nov. 26
No Award
Nathan Talbot--Mustangs
Week 6 Goalie
Nov. 20 - Nov. 26
2GP--2W--1GA--0.983 SV %
Lucas Dyck--Nighthawks
Week 7 Skater
Nov. 27 - Dec. 3
2GP--3G--5A--2 PIM
Tyler Fehr--Nighthawks
Week 7 Goalie
Nov. 27 - Dec. 3
2GP--2W(1SOW)--8GA--0.875 SV%
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 8 Skater
Dec. 4 - Dec. 10
3GP--8G--10A--2 PIM--2GWG
Ryan Geirnaert--Aces
Week 8 Goalie
Dec. 4 - Dec. 10
2GP--2W--2GA--1SO--0.973 SV%
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 9 Skater
Dec. 11 - Dec. 17
2GP--4G--8A--0 PIM--1GWG
Tanner Harms--Tigers
Week 9 Goalie
Dec. 11 - Dec. 17
1GP--1W--1GA--0.967 SV %
T.J. Matuszewski--Zodiacs
Week 10 Skater
Dec. 18 - Dec. 22
Ryan Coulombe--Mavericks
Week 10 Goalie
Dec. 18 - Dec. 22
1GP--1W--2GA--0.923 SV %
Tye Turner--Cougars
Week 11 Skater
Jan. 8 - Jan. 14
Ryan Coulombe--Mavericks
Week 11 Goalie
Jan. 8 - Jan. 14
1GP--1W--2GA--0.946 SV %
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 12 Skater
Jan. 15 - Jan. 21
Tyler Fehr--Nighthawks
Week 12 Goalie
Jan. 15 - Jan. 21
2GP--2W--4GA--0.947 SV %
Kyle Devos--Mustangs
Week 13 Skater
Jan. 22 - Jan. 28
Remy Bosc--Mustangs
Week 13 Goalie
Jan. 22 - Jan. 28
2GP--2W--10GA--0.888 SV %
Lucas Dyck--Nighthawks
Week 14 Skater
Jan. 29 - Feb. 4
Owen Domitruk--Thunder
Week 14 Goalie
Jan. 29 - Feb. 4
2GP--2W--6GA--0.902 SV %
Week 15 Skater
Feb. 5 - Feb. 11
Week 15 Goalie
Feb. 5 - Feb. 11
Andrew Boucher --Thunder
Week 16 Skater
Feb. 12 - Feb. 18
Tanner Harms --Tigers
Week 16 Goalie
Feb. 12 - Feb. 18
2GP--2W--2GA--0.967 SV %
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 17 Skater
Feb. 19 - Feb. 25
Declan Enns--Aces
Week 17 Goalie
Feb. 19 - Feb. 25
2GP--2W--3GA--0.927 SV %
Colton Harder--Aces
Week 18 Skater
Feb. 26 - Mar. 4
Declan Enns--Aces
Week 18 Goalie
Feb. 26 - Mar. 4
2GP--2W--6GA--0.880 SV %


Congratulations to 2016/17 Provincial AA Champions--Carman Cougars

Congratulations to 2016/17 Zone IV Champions--Morden Thunder

Picture courtesy PembinaValleyOnline

2016/17 Playoff Bracket

2016/17 Playoff Stats

2016/2017 Schedule/Scores

Zone IV Major Award Winners 2016/17

Zone IV Major Award Winners (L to R)--Lucas, Neufeld, Griffin Dyck, Kyle Devos, Matt Fehr, Colton Harder, Jordan Blatz, Rob Smith

Zone IV Major Award Nominees 2016/17

27th Annual All-Star Game--January 22, 2017--Carman

Skills 2 PM

Game 3 PM

All-Star Program

16/17 Zone IV All-Star Teams

Zone IV Hockey--Social Media Policy

Career Stats of all Zone IV Players I have records on--Updated to include 15/16 season!


Congrats to 2015/16 AA Provincial Champions--Prairie Mountain Mustangs


Congratulations to 2015/16 Zone IV Champions--Morden Thunder


Congrats to Cade Kowalski--Morden Thunder--Playoff MVP

2015/2016 Schedule/Scores

2015/16 Playoff Bracket

2015/16 Playoff Stats

Zone IV Major Award Winners 2015/16

Zone IV Major Award Nominees 2015/16

Zone IV All-Star Game January 24th--Winkler

Zone IV All-Star Teams

Team Red 9 Team White 4 Game Summary

Skills Results

Skills Competition--2 PM

All-Star Game--3 PM

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New!!! Cummulative Team Records 1988-2015


Congrats to Morris Mavericks, 2014/15 MHSAA AA Provincial Champions


Congrats to Prairie Mountain Mustangs, 2014/15 MHSAA AA Silver Medalists

The 1998/99 stats have been added to the website

Congrats to the Morden Thunder, 2014/15 Zone 4 Champions


14/15 Thunder

Congrats to Brendan Turnbull, Morden Thunder, Playoff MVP

New!!!--Career Stats of all Zone IV Players I have records on!!!--Just added the 98/99 season

Major Award Winners 2014/15

Congrats to this year's Zone IV major award winners:

MVP--Brendan Turnbull--Thunder

Top Goaltender--Jesse Ross--Thunder

Sportsmanship--Richard Lesage--Mustangs

Top Defenseman--Trent Siemens--Mavericks

Least Penalized--Zodiacs

Top Defensive Team--Thunder

Coaching Staff--Mavericks

Official--Shane Froebe

2014/2015 Playoff Bracket

2014/2015 Schedule/Scores

2014/2015 Playoff Stats

All-Star Game Game Summary

Team White 8 Team Blue 6

Blue MVP--Zac Neufeld White MVP--Lance Dueck

Zone 4 All-Star Teams 2014/15

The 50th Anniversary of Zone IV hockey is approaching and I'm looking for any and all old Zone team pics or related history, if you have any you'd like to send me please make a hi-res scan and e-mail them to me (with the names of the players) at spitz17@hotmail.com. I will post them in the history section of the website.


Commisioner's Message

Welcome to another season of Zone 4 High School hockey. We are all anticipating that the 2014/2015 season will be a season of exciting hockey action for everyone to enjoy. We are thrilled to once again welcome the Garden Valley Zodiacs back into the league after a one year leave of absence. The return of the Zodiacs puts the Zone 4 league back up to a nine team league this season. For the Zone 4 fans take the opportunity to follow the teams all season long in your local rinks or on the league or team websites' when they are on the road, you will hopefully enjoy the atmosphere of Zone 4 hockey! For the Zone 4 parents enjoy the upcoming season of watching your son and his friends and teammates compete all season long! Trust me, it may only be October but February will be here before you know it. For the players, coaches, managers and all team staff, the Zone 4 2014/2015 season is upon us. Enjoy all the time at the rink, on the bus and in the vehicles with your teammates, remember the one liners, the goals, the saves, and the near misses! The season will go by quickly but the experiences and memories will last for years. Above all, work hard, compete, play fair and have FUN. This is a terrific game in a terrific league!

Dean Buchanan - Commissioner


President's Message

Welcome players, coaches, parents and fans to another exciting year of Zone 4 High School Hockey. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of a league committed to excellence and the development of our student athletes. Make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you in the upcoming season. Zone 4 has always been respected for its dedication to providing its teams the best league possible to play in, and I look forward to continuing that tradition.

Cindy Bridges - President


Referee-in-Chief's Message

I would like to take this time to welcome all of the student athletes to another year of exciting high school hockey. I encourage all of you to play hard, to compete at the highest level and to leave it all on the ice. Let me also remind everyone to show respect for their fellow athletes and to play hard but clean hockey. The message coming from Hockey Canada is the importance of player safety, with the emphasis on protecting the head from illegal hits, either intentional or not, that can cause concussions which can have devastating long term effects. The onus then falls to the on ice officials to call the rules as they have been mandated so that the chances of these injuries will be minimized and hopefully eliminated altogether. Please remember the reason the referees are calling these penalties is for the safety of the athletes. Have a great season everyone and remember, play hard!

Shane Froebe - Referee-in-Chief

Congratulations to the

C/NM/PM Tigers, 2013/14 Zone IV Champions!!!

Ted Lea--Playoff MVP


Playoff Stats

Playoff Bracket

Major Award Nominees and Winners

2013/2014 Schedule/Scores

Zone 4 Hockey Schedule .pdf download

Eight more years of Zone IV stats have been added to the history section of the website.

1990/91, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1997/98 , 1998/99 and 2000/01

If you have any old stats please contact me.

Hockey Stick Repairs--Don't throw away that broken stick!

NOTE: As league statistician I'm trying to compile and organize some of the history of Zone 4 High School hockey. If you have any old stats or standings or anything related to Zone 4 hockey that I could use in compiling a league history please contact me (Dave Spitznagel at spitz17@hotmail.com). Thanks.

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